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Bangladesh Meteorological Department (BMD) is a government organization under the administrative control of the Ministry of Defence. The origin of BMD goes back to 1867 when the country’s meteorological activities started through the establishment of one observatory in Satkhira, a district in Southwestern Bangladesh. In 1947 the service had been renamed as Pakistan Meteorological Services and after the country’s independence in 1971, it became the Bangladesh Meteorological department.


To be a world class meteorological centre providing excellent services nationally and internationally.


BMD is committed to providing effective meteorological and seismological services for protection of life, property and the environment, increased safety on land, at sea and in the air, enhanced quality of life and sustainable economic growth. 

Responsibilities of BMD

 Monitor and issue forecasts and warnings of all meteorological extreme events like tropical cyclone, severe thunderstorm/tornadoes, heavy rainfall, drought, cold and heat wave along with daily routine forecasts round the clock.
 Issues short, medium and long-range forecasts for agricultural planning and operation of daily farmer’s activities.
 Provide Flood Forecasting and Warning Centre with rainfall data, forecasts/warnings, radar and satellite image for the operation of flood forecasting and warning system.
 Provides seismological information in and around the country along with Tsunami Advisories and warnings to the Government and public.
 Cater all International and Domestic airlines, VVIP and VIP flights by providing take-off, landing and the route forecasts.
 Supply and facilitate the application of climate data and information to the Government and private agencies for planning and performance of socio-economic development activities.
 BMD is involved with WMO’s science based monitoring of the change/variability of climate and preparation of 21st century climate scenario development activities.
 Archives all weather and climate data, maintenance of historical records of all meteorological and seismological extreme events in numeric and graphical forms.
 BMD is associated with SMRC activities and also involve in the collaborating efforts of BIMSTEC establishment regionally.